St. Paul’s Cemetery is a picturesque, tranquil resting place for 870 souls, both members and non-members of St. Paul’s Church. The land for the cemetery was purchased in 1876, before our sanctuary was built. One of the first graves is someone who died in 1865 and was moved to the site after the church established the cemetery. The cemetery is approximately 8 acres in size, and is located on the east side of 12th Street Southeast, just north of the Waverly Rail Trail. There are over 200 lots that have been purchased and not yet used, with more than 300 lots available for purchase.

The cemetery has a section of orphan graves which were from Bremwood (now Lutheran Services in Iowa) from the early to mid 1900’s and graves of over 30 pastors.

Each plot is currently $300 and are sold through the Church Office by contacting Ron or Becky to begin the process. A deed is issued for the grave when purchased, and each grave can hold 1 full casket or 2 cremation burials. The cemetery is maintained as part of the regular church budget and we have several volunteers that continue to maintain and improve the area. Click here to learn more.