Supplies Needed to Complete LWR Kits

Personal Care kits, Baby Care kits and School kits will be assembled in April, and supplies for the following items are low. If you would like to donate any of the following, your gifts are deeply appreciated by people in need.
1. Bath towels - included in Personal Care kits (may be gently used)
2. Hand towels - included in Baby Care kits (also may be gently used)
3. Bath-size bars of soap in original packaging.
4. Cloth diapers.
5. Used tee shirts can be sewn into diapers by volunteers - large and extra large sizes work especially well for this.
6. Continue to buy items at garage sales for the Baby Care kits - tee shirts (especially sizes larger than 6 months), gowns and sleepers, and receiving blankets.

Grace Kalkbrenner