Unbudgeted Expenses

Over the summer, St. Paul's experienced two unbudgeted expenses that required action. The air conditioning unit that cooled the classrooms adjacent to the Parish Hall failed. The bill was $8,885. The fire alarm system in school failed requiring a digital upgrade to the equipment. The bill was $7,500.

Unforeseen expenses are a part of ministry in the larger church. As a community of faith, we can tackle the total expense of $16,385 together. Here’s one way we can achieve this goal: six gifts at $1,000, 12 gifts at $500, 30 gifts at $100 and 70 gifts at $20. Of course all gifts of any size are welcome. We will take up a special offering this weekend, Sept. 23 & 24. Please put "special appeal" in the memo line. Thank you for your consideration.

Grace Kalkbrenner