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“Each week we sit under the word of God together, opening our selves not primarily to information, but to transformation.”

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Principally Speaking 1-16-20

Pastor John Ortberg was serving a large congregation in Chicago. He mentored with a friend and asked for some spiritual direction as he was dealing with the pace of life in his current ministry. His friend slowly replied, “Ruthlessly eliminate hurry from your life.” John Ortberg thanked him, told him he had written that down […]


Principally Speaking 1-10-20

As I begin my descent to retirement, I decided not to worry about repeating any story or quote that I may have used before in these musings called Principally Speaking. Perhaps I find myself repeating those things, those metaphors, that are my most precious guides to living life. Viktor Frankl is one of those precious guides […]


Principally Speaking 1-03-20

In my feeble attempt to convert Waverly, a predominantly German community, to a Norwegian community, we host a huge Norwegian party at Christmas called Lille Jul Aften, meaning Little Christmas Eve in Norwegian. It is a festive affair filled with Scandinavian foods and delicacies, singing, toasting, storytelling, and joke sharing. Our little condo is packed […]