Building on Blessings Update 6-06-21

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Dear Fellow Member of St. Paul’s,

Grace and peace.

Thanks to the Anderson Gift and your faithful giving to the Building on Blessings Capital Campaign, we are projecting the debt from the 2014-15 SPARK Building Program will be paid off in June of 2021. This is more than 10 years in advance of our original plan! Thank you for your generous giving. In 2022, we will have a burning of the mortgage service as part of our 150th anniversary celebrations.

Does that mean the Building on Blessings Campaign is complete? No, we are asking everyone to continue your giving to the campaign. Council has approved future giving from the Building on Blessings Campaign will go to our Capital Fund. This fund pays for major capital projects for the Church & School.

St. Paul’s has a long list of those projects. Some of those projects are being addressed through our annual budget including fire alarm extensions, organ foam seal replacement, and tuck-pointing totaling $425,000. But there are other projects which will go above and beyond our budget including: our flat roofs replacement at an estimated $170,000; HVAC improvements for the school at $650,000; school window sealing and repair at $120,000; Parish Hall updates $80,000; and classroom updates at $200,000. We have an existing Capital Fund but we are well short of fully funding these projects. We are hopeful that by completing these projects over the next several years that St Paul’s will be to be in a maintenance mode for our facilities for the following 15 – 20 years.

As you can see, we are still building upon our blessings. Thank you for your prayerful consideration.

In Christ,


Rev. Dr. Arthur C. Bergren                             John Meyer
Lead Pastor                                                    President St. Paul’s Lutheran Church & School