Curricular & Spiritual Connections 1-15-21

School Choice As we gear up for the 2021-22 school year registration  we will be highlighting St. Paul’s in the local media as well as on social media. What a better time to celebrate what we do at St. Paul’s than during the week of January 24-30 which is National School Choice Week. What is school choice? School choice is […]

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Curricular & Spiritual Connections 1-08-21

Strategies for Spiritual Self-Care Navigating in our world today continues to be a challenge for our students and their families. It is so important to get rid of that negative, stale energy and tap into some inner peace and help our kids in nurturing their spiritual self-care practices. We are all created in the image […]


Curricular & Spiritual Connections 12-18-20

The Visual Arts The Iowa’s Fine Arts Standards were approved and adopted by the Iowa State Board of Education in 2017. Like music, the visual arts focuses on the artistic processes of creating, performing, responding, and connecting. One of the art standards focuses on creating and telling about art that communicates a story about a […]


Curricular & Spiritual Connections 12-11-20

Spring Semester With the arrival of the holiday season here, that means we are almost halfway through the school year!  The first semester’s mitigation efforts have prevented classroom and school-wide spread. Hats off to our students, their families, their teachers, and the staff at St. Paul’s for their resilience! We know there are several families […]

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Curricular & Spiritual Connections 12-04-20

“Tis the Season” Be sure to log into the St. Paul’s Christmas Tree Decoration Timelapse to see St. Paul’s Church tree come to life. Also watch this week’s school worship Dec. 3, Baptismal Remembrance to learn more about the meaning behind each of the Christian symbols on the tree, the, Chrismons.  Each day during opening Pastor Arthur and Principal […]


Curricular & Spiritual Connections 11-20-20

Chromebook-Gift Last spring Candi Fredrick Brekus donated funds in honor of her mom’s teaching career which included 11 years as a preschool teacher at St. Paul’s Lutheran School. Her mother, Tedi Fredrick, loved the little children and nurtured their every need. So many of her students and their parents remained close to her throughout the […]

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Curricular & Spiritual Connections 10-30-20

As we all know this pandemic has had a major impact on the lives of our families and students. Knowing all these struggles the Iowa Department of Education set the social-emotional-behavioral health of Iowa’s teachers, staff, students, and families as a focus for this school year. To help address some of our student stressors, we are excited […]


Curricular & Spiritual Connections 10-23-20

Financial Literacy is now a part of our Iowa Social Studies standards. These financial literacy standards start as young as kindergarten where we talk about jobs, how when something is borrowed it must be returned, and how financial institutions can help us save and invest.  In 6th grade they begin talking about how to protect their […]


Curricular & Spiritual Connections 10-16-20

At St. Paul’s School we are working on building a cohesive plan around diversity by setting overarching goals, concepts, and vocabulary that build on one another in each grade level. Our teachers are doing an awesome job through books, stories, and social studies in providing opportunities for our students to recognize similarities and differences as […]