Principally Speaking 2-14-20

Principally Speaking 2-14-20

They stood in attention, these young lives who barely understood the concept of death. But they knew it was a solemn moment. When did they learn what a hearse was, that led the cars forming a string of slow silent sentinels on wheels, weaving their way to the cemetery? For the past several years at […]


Principally Speaking 2-07-20

Last Sunday, my husband, our daughter, and I waited in line for one hour to greet the grieving husband and children of a teacher who I had worked with in Forest City Schools. She was beloved. She was a friend. She was also our daughter’s 5th grade teacher. When we got to the husband, Wayne, […]


Principally Speaking 1-31-20

The 2nd grade led our Worship this week. The theme was based on Matthew 5:1-12, The Beatitudes. Each child recited a “blessed are…” with pictures and descriptions to depict the meaning of each verse. Then Pastor Cory Smith from Redeemer Lutheran spoke. He told the children he wanted to focus on one particular verse… “Blessed […]


Principally Speaking 1-24-20

It was a simple question. As they walked down the hall hand-in-hand in our school this week, little Zephan asked Ben, a visiting seminarian from Hungary, how Ben spelled his father’s name. Ben gently replied, “My father’s name is Tamás. He spells it T-a-m-á-s.” Then Ben asked the same question to Zephan, “How do you […]

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Principally Speaking 1-16-20

Pastor John Ortberg was serving a large congregation in Chicago. He mentored with a friend and asked for some spiritual direction as he was dealing with the pace of life in his current ministry. His friend slowly replied, “Ruthlessly eliminate hurry from your life.” John Ortberg thanked him, told him he had written that down […]


Principally Speaking 1-10-20

As I begin my descent to retirement, I decided not to worry about repeating any story or quote that I may have used before in these musings called Principally Speaking. Perhaps I find myself repeating those things, those metaphors, that are my most precious guides to living life. Viktor Frankl is one of those precious guides […]


Principally Speaking 1-03-20

In my feeble attempt to convert Waverly, a predominantly German community, to a Norwegian community, we host a huge Norwegian party at Christmas called Lille Jul Aften, meaning Little Christmas Eve in Norwegian. It is a festive affair filled with Scandinavian foods and delicacies, singing, toasting, storytelling, and joke sharing. Our little condo is packed […]

A shepherd watching his sheep under the star of Bethlehem

Principally Speaking 12-20-19

It is said that Queen Marie Antoinette would disguise herself as a commoner and go from party to party in the villages to learn how the people truly lived. However, she was never able to get away with her disguise, they always figured out who she was. Do you know why? Because she “walked like […]


Principally Speaking 12-13-19

Recently I watched the 25th anniversary (aired in 2010 on PBS) of Les Miserable in concert. This musical is truly one of our family’s most treasured experiences after seeing the Broadway production. We loved the music, the message, the performance! As I immersed myself again in the power of the music and the story, there […]


Principally Speaking 12-06-19

One Christmas years ago, I gave my father a book for called, Tell Me Your Memories Grandpa. There was a page for each day of the year with a question that he was to answer which then painted a picture of his life. He faithfully put it by his breakfast table and wrote an answer to the […]