Principally Speaking 2-14-20

Principally Speaking 2-14-20

They stood in attention, these young lives who barely understood the concept of death. But they knew it was a solemn moment. When did they learn what a hearse was, that led the cars forming a string of slow silent sentinels on wheels, weaving their way to the cemetery? For the past several years at […]

Milestones Ministry

The foundation of the faith formation for our children and youth at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church & School is our Milestones Ministry Program. This program lifts up important faith moments and discipleship practices in our children’s lives. The Milestones Ministry Program nurtures the Christian faith, strengthens relationships, and creates the kind of bond that promotes […]


A Place to Rest

St. Paul’s Cemetery is a picturesque, tranquil resting place for 870 souls, both members and non-members of St. Paul’s Church. The land for the cemetery was purchased in 1876, before our sanctuary was built. One of the first graves is someone who died in 1865 and was moved to the site after the church established […]