My story begins at the 2009 ELCA Youth Gathering in New Orleans. I was just starting high school at the time and was trying to both decide what I wanted to do with my life and where I wanted to go to college. I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to major in but I knew where my interests laid. I had a huge passion for creative design and video production as well as a fascination with religion.

Growing up in Cedar Rapids, I came from a family that had a strong Lutheran background and I was very involved in my home church, so I wanted to attend a college with a strong Christian background as well. Though I didn’t know exactly what my interest of study would be, I felt that if I found a school that would help me grow in my faith, all of the other pieces would fall into place.

This takes me back to that conference. My initial thought was to find a Lutheran college because I thought that Luther College would be the obvious choice. At the conference, there were tents and tables set up that displayed all the ELCA colleges from around the country. I had my heart set on visiting the Luther College tent but when I got there, no one was there. Instead, right next to the Luther tent, was a college by the name of Wartburg. That was the first time that I met Pastor Brian Beckstrom. After my talk with Pastor Brian and some of the Admissions staff at the tent, something told me that I needed to go to Wartburg College for a campus visit.

Feeling right at home during the campus visit, I was particularly drawn to the Communications Department. So, I decided to major in Communications. I got involved in the different organizations that the Wartburg Journalism & Communications Department had to offer. Though I really enjoyed my time there, I felt as though something was missing. It wasn’t until halfway through my sophomore year of college that I realized what that missing part was.

Pastor Brian Beckstrom asked me if I would be interested in being the Student Digital Ministry Coordinator. As began to learn more about digital ministry, the pieces finally started to come together and I knew that that was what I wanted to do with my life.

Which brings me to now. God has blessed me with the opportunity to incorporate all my creative passions into a career and I have become a life-long employee of Christ.

“Commit your work to the LORD, and your plans will be established.”

Proverbs 16:3