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Children's Ministry

The 2019-2020 school year is upon us. St. Paul’s continues to offer expanded programming for families on early dismissal Wednesdays. Saints Alive is open to the entire community. During Saints Alive, children experience worship, games, hands-on learning grounded in Scripture, snacks and more. There is a small fee for Saints Alive — $100/ child or $150/ family for the entire year.

The curriculum for Saints Alive comes from a company called Orange. This curriculum focuses on helping children to develop a deeper faith, build stronger relationships, and make wise choices. The year is divided into units that focus on one main topic. It is then divided into four or five sub-lessons. Each week has one clear and simple lesson that kids will focus on. There will be Bible stories or verses to focus on through games, videos and hands-on activities.

Each summer, students from preschool through finishing fourth grade spend four evenings learning Bible stories and building relationships with caring adults through a fun and fast-paced Vacation Bible School program. The fifth night is a family night, which brings all families together for a meal and a closing program to share what was learned throughout the week.

Children's Online Content

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Upcoming Opportunities

Saints Alive

Saints Alive is St. Paul's after school faith formation program. Each week students gather for snacks, large group time, small group time and worship.

Registration is now open. Register here.

Saints Alive

Learn more about our Wednesday afternoon education opportunities at St. Paul's.