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Church Leadership

St. Paul's is governed by its congregation council and boards, as defined by its constitution. St. Paul’s has six boards: Family and Youth Board, Parish Education Board, Parish Life Board, Mission Board, School Board, and Worship Board. Board chairs and members are nominated each spring by the nominating committee and confirmed by the congregation at the annual meeting. Congregation council includes the executive team: pastor, president, president-elect, secretary, and treasurer. It also includes the chair of each board for a total of 11 members.

2022-23 Congregation Council & Boards

Rachael Nelson, chair; Cece Jerome, Grant Benschoter, Katie McGlaun, Stephanie Bochmann, Andy Moeller

The Family and Youth Board shall be responsible for developing and implementing an intergenerational partnership with home, congregation, and St. Paul’s School to assist families with faith formation. This board shall also develop programming for junior high, senior high and young adults. Its goal is to empower families and youth, through Christ-centered community, to live their faith beyond the walls of St. Paul’s in service to others.

June Mehlhaus, chair; Curtis Hansel, Luann Camp, Ed Scharlau, Barbara Dilly, Leland Camp

Mission Board is shall be responsible for planning, oversight and coordination of programs which provide for an active response to the gospel that strives for peace and justice. The work of the board will focus on both local and global evangelism and outreach. It’s goal is to encourage St. Paul’s members to see themselves as part of a larger Christian community, both giving and receiving gifts to build up the Church.

Amos Kraus, chair; Heather Johnson, Malinda Mick, Jessica Suhr, Beverly Anderson, Krismar Ramker

The Parish Education Board shall be responsible for the planning, oversight and coordination of the various educational programs of the congregation, excluding St. Paul’s Lutheran School. The board will intentionally provide educational opportunities for all ages in the congregation. Areas of responsibility include, but are not limited to, Sunday School, confirmation ministry, small group ministry, adult education, and other programs that support the educational goals of the congregation.

Meredith Keelan and Julie Kraus, co-chairs; Jennifer Wells, Cassie Hales, Dani Gordon

Parish Life Board shall be responsible for planning, oversight and coordination of programs which seek to enhance the communal life of the congregation. The work of the board will focus on, but will not be limited to, intergenerational fellowship events, new member orientation, small fellowship groups, intercessory prayer visitation ministries, and volunteer ministry.

James DeVries, chair; Terri Cotter, Dwane Waterbury, Joy Becker, Meganne Stafford, Kimberly Mueller

The School Board shall be responsible for the planning and oversight of general operating policies, financial and otherwise, for St. Paul’s Lutheran School. This includes periodic review and recommendations regarding the staff, salary, and schedule. The board shall also provide for an active program of public relations and student recruitment within and outside the congregation. When authorized by the church council to fill vacancies on the school staff, the board will oversee the hiring process.

Jennifer Potratz, chair; Tonia Horst, Denny Haugen, Kathy Olson, Allan Bernard, Kirsten Dietrich

The Worship Board shall be responsible for planning, oversight and coordination of the programs that contribute to the worship life of the congregation. The work of the board will include, but not be limited to, attention to the following areas: music, worship resources and the development of a worship community at which all are welcome. Its goal is to enable lifelong spiritual growth by providing dynamic and diverse opportunities for worship and prayer.