Curricular & Spiritual Connections 12-04-20

“Tis the Season”

Be sure to log into the St. Paul’s Christmas Tree Decoration Timelapse to see St. Paul’s Church tree come to life. Also watch this week’s school worship Dec. 3, Baptismal Remembrance to learn more about the meaning behind each of the Christian symbols on the tree, the, Chrismons.  Each day during opening Pastor Arthur and Principal Johnson are sharing about all the different names for Jesus.  The Church also has the Nativity scene up and ready for you to stop by and take your family Christmas card picture!

Mock Trial

The Middle School Mock Trial program is designed to introduce students to our legal system by providing a challenging academic competition. The program offers students an opportunity for personal growth and achievement, emphasizing the importance of research and teamwork.

“If you want to be a lawyer, this is a good way to start,” commented sixth grader Michaela Mitchell.

This year St. Paul’s Lutheran School had the majority of their sixth-grade class participate in the Middle School Iowa Mock Trial.

St. Paul’s Lutheran School had the majority of their sixth-grade class participate in the Middle School Iowa Mock Trial which was held virtually this year.

St. Paul’s Mock Trial coaches’ Paula Letsche and Danielle Mummelthei worked with the students for several weeks prior to the competition preparing opening and closing statements as well as witness testimonies. During the competition the students got to play the parts of witnesses and lawyers on both the prosecution and the defense as they competed against other schools.

“It was very funny to learn the parts and everything about the court and then actually compete,” Sixth grader Bailey Schara said.

This year looked a little different becoming a virtual mock trial.

“Despite a few technical glitches here and there, the process went remarkably well.” John Wheeler, the director, Iowa State Bar Association said. “The students worked hard to prepare in their ‘normal’ way for mock trial, but also had to prepare for the ‘abnormal’ as well – learning new presentation skills, learning technology, and, perhaps most of all, learning patience!”

Lawyers and judges from Iowa’s District Courts serve as coaches and judges for the student teams. Each judge provides feedback on their performances.

“If you like learning about court, this is a great way to do so,” said sixth grader Emme Jerome.

One judge made this comment on Jerome’s work as a prosecuting attorney, “Try to have everything memorized, I know it can be difficult with the time frame of the season and having everything virtual, but it will help you sound less scripted to add pauses and have it memorized. Good speed, and good posture. I appreciated you moving closer to the screen.”

One of their Mock Trial coaches, Danielle Mummelthei, is not only their coach but their sixth-grade teacher as well.

“It was a joy to see the excitement the students had for Mock Trial,” Mummelthei said. “They really worked together to help one another do their very best. They showed great resilience, being able to overcome many challenges during the short season. To say I am proud of them would actually be an understatement.”

The students look forward to joining W-SR’s middle school team next school year and advancing their knowledge of civic literacy.