Curricular & Spiritual Connections 12-18-20

The Visual Arts
The Iowa’s Fine Arts Standards were approved and adopted by the Iowa State Board of Education in 2017. Like music, the visual arts focuses on the artistic processes of creating, performing, responding, and connecting. One of the art standards focuses on creating and telling about art that communicates a story about a familiar place or object. During this holiday season a long standing tradition at St. Paul’s is each student creating a different member of the Holy Family at each grade level. Former Art teacher and congregation member, Sue Orth started this tradition over 30 years ago and Sue and her husband purchased the kiln to bake the clay figurines. The story of the gathering in Bethlehem and the birth of Jesus is one of those stories that our St. Paul’s students love and cherish. This project highlights the grade level standards of using a variety of artmaking tools and refining and completing artistic work and a goal of the project is for the students to identify the reasons for saving and displaying objects, artifacts, and artwork. The birth of our Savior does provide us an opportunity to display the members of the Holy Family that the students have created throughout the years. We hope you annually take out these creations, recreating the story of the birth of Christ. We challenge you to post your child’s Nativity set on our Facebook page.

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Winter Gear
Once we return from break we know that Old Man Winter will have arrived. This is just a friendly reminder that students need to come to school properly dressed for the weather. As the weather gets colder and wet, students need to have the following items: winter hat, mittens/gloves, scarf/neck warmer, winter boots, snow pants and a proper winter jacket. Remember to LABEL EVERYTHING! In order to help us and your child to develop independence, you can also practice having your child dress him/herself in winter gear. For our little ones practicing putting their winter gear on helps alleviate frustration here at school.  A suggested order of putting on the gear might be: 1. Snow pants 2. Boots 3. Jacket 4. Scarf/Neck Warmer 5. Hat 6. Mittens/Gloves Please make sure that if you haven’t already brought extra clothes/socks that you please send some which we can keep at school or in your child’s book bag. Hopefully it won’t be a very cold and wet winter!!

College Savings Give Away!
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Christmas Traditions
Along with the creation of the Nativity figurines there are many traditions here at St. Paul’s. This year the traditions of Gifts of Love for Bartels, the Advent Service, the Holiday Shoppe, the Capstone Craft Bazaar all continued, but they all look a little different. As well as being thankful in being able to continue with the traditions, you know we have lots of things to be thankful for here at St. Paul’s. Thankfulness to the School Board, the Church Council and the Finance Committee for their support with mitigation, technology, and the air filtration system, the financial support due to reduction in tuition, to our staff, and to our parents for the faithfulness they have shown by continuing to send their children to St. Paul’s. But most importantly we are thankful for the greatest gift of all, the birth of Jesus Christ. Because of Jesus, it’s possible for us to have a relationship with God that will last forever. We find that he is not just the reason for this season. He is the reason for all seasons. Knowing Christ and loving him is great comfort in all times, especially difficult ones. If you want to see his light in a dark moment, praise Jesus, rejoice, pray, and give thanks. Jesus is the light of the world. From all of us at St. Paul’s we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a blessed new year!