Curricular & Spiritual Connection 9-17-21

Buddy Bench-Conflict Resolution Corner
As adults we often take the responsibility to solve conflicts for our children and students, instead of giving them the responsibility in working through their disagreements with each other. This fall, we began implementing a strategic method to enable our students to be more responsible for working through their conflicts with others.

When a situation arises on the playground or in P.E. class, the students are sent to the conflict corner and they follow the steps as outlined below. After they work through the steps, they return to the supervisor on duty and tell them what the resolution is. This conflict resolution strategy helps remind our students that “You are responsible for your actions no matter what anyone else does.” As my mom always told me, “It takes two to tangle.”

Many of us have fond memories of summer camp and this past week our 5th and 6th grade students got to create some of those similar memories at Camp EWALU. This experience helps our students to get to know one another and develop as a community of faith. Our students and teachers have the opportunity to grow stronger together in their faith in God, grow closer in their relationship with Jesus Christ, and are encouraged to share their faith with others. On Wednesday, I spent the afternoon with them as they ran through the woods looking for clues in their Pioneer scavenger hunt. I also experienced their daily devotions and I captured a few photos of our students deep in thought as they reflected in their prayer journals.
Many thanks to the parents who helped transport and stay overnight and of course thank you the teachers for creating such a positive experience for our kids! I talked to one of those parents today who is planning on renting a cabin and taking his family to the camp. What a great way to experience nature and God’s word in a calm relaxing environment.
All of our St. Paul’s graduates get to experience EWALU twice and this is just one example of what makes St. Paul’s unique. It enables our students to create deep bonds and life-time friendships with one another and has been a long-standing tradition at St. Paul’s. Next Thursday at worship, the students will be sharing their experience with our student body. I can’t wait to hear their testimonials!

6th Grade Capstone
The class of 2020 finally made it to Washington DC for their Capstone trip! Many thanks to those who make those annual financial contributions to ensure our students have this experience of a lifetime. Although the students have grown apart as they moved on to the middle school, Capstone coordinators Lisa Alexander and Danielle Mummelthei said it was so good to see them reignite their relationships.

As I reflect on their experiences, I would agree that the laying of the wreath on the 20th Anniversary of 9/11 was definitely a highlight of the trip. Thank you to the students and their families for their patience and commitment to the trip. Planning is underway for the class of 2021 to travel to DC in November and the class of 2022 in March!