Curricular & Spiritual Connections 02-03-2023

By: Principal Tamela Johnson

You Are The Light

During our Baptismal Remembrance service this week, Pastor Mark explained to the students how they are the light and that love is a choice and that we choose to be loving and share the love of Jesus. He lit a small ancient lamp for the students and asked them to see all the light made by this small lamp. He told them that through the glory of God that small things can give off bright lights and that as students they shine brightly when they share God’s love through their smiles and helping one another.

St. Paul’s is shining brightly and we want you to continue to share the good news about your child’s school. In the past year we have celebrated 150 years of existence, we have raised over a million dollars for our school renovation, our academic performances are excellent and we continue to share the love of Jesus. Thank you for helping us be the “light of the world.”