Curricular & Spiritual Connections 09-02-2022

By: Principal Tamela Johnson

LIFT: Learning & Living in Faith Together-Through the Fruits of the Spirit!

On the last day of each month at a K-6th grade “LIFT” assembly, we’ll celebrate lifting each other up and making more connections with our Fruits of the Spirit program that we have been developing since 2019. During our assemblies we’ll have a monthly focus, share Bible verses that tie with our focus, we’ll see or be in skits, and even have a Fruit Values challenge for the month. Each month the teachers will provide lessons around the theme and read you Dot and Spot books about important skills like showing compassion, using kind words, and having resilience to name a few.

Throughout the month we’ll see the tree and bushes fill with fruit. The fruits are presented to the students acknowledging that they were “caught” fulfilling the theme of the month. At the beginning of the month we will send you a copy of our new learning and theme of the month! Check out the presentation here!