Curricular & Spiritual Connections 1-15-21

School Choice

As we gear up for the 2021-22 school year registration  we will be highlighting St. Paul’s in the local media as well as on social media. What a better time to celebrate what we do at St. Paul’s than during the week of January 24-30 which is National School Choice Week.

What is school choice? School choice is the process of allowing every family to choose the K-12 educational options that best fit their children. Every child is unique, and all children learn differently. Some children might succeed at the neighborhood public school, while others might fit in better at a charter, magnet, online, private or home learning environment. That’s why school choice is so important! These options include all forms of education, from traditional public schools, to public charter schools, public magnet schools, private schools, online academies, and homeschooling.

To preempt the week we are attaching “Why I Love my School stationary as a means for families to talk about what they love about St. Paul’s.  We are asking each family to draw a family poster to submit.  Please submit your family poster by Thursday, January 18th so we can share yours with the local media  The school aged child in the family will receive a bracelet or sticker for their poster submission. If you would like a paper copy of the poster to be sent home, please contact your child’s teacher.

Growing Together in Faith


For many Christian parents and caregivers, the idea of helping children grow in faith is intimidating. We ask ourselves questions like these: “What if I mess up and teach them something wrong?” “How can I do this when my own faith is wavering?” or “I didn’t grow up as a Christian. What if I don’t know enough?”

Before you do anything else, exhale. Family faith formation is a journey, not a destination, and growing in faith is an adventure, not a checklist. Along that journey there will be moments of discovery and joy, hard times, and times of confusion. But your guide on this adventure is none other than the Holy Spirit—so embrace the journey!

Family faith formation is a journey, not a destination.  Here are five ways to help your family grow in faith.