Curricular & Spiritual Connections 1-28-22

Science of Love Night
We have many relationships and opportunities through our Steeple to Steeple Partnership with Wartburg College. The Science of Love Night is one of those opportunities available to our students. Emma Huisman, a member of Wartburg College’s NSTA chapter (National Science Teaching Association) wants all our St. Paul’s students to know about this upcoming event. On Feb. 12, they are holding their annual Science of Love Night! Parents can drop their kids off for 2 hours and pre-service teachers at Warburg will lead the kids through valentines and love themed science activities. Attached is an informational flyer that includes a QR code you can use to sign up! If you  have any questions please email Emma at Online registration closes Feb. 11 at 11:59 p.m.

6th Grade Capstone
Covid restrictions have put pause on our Class of 2022 trip to Washington DC. Parents of our current 6th grade class met with Capstone Leadership in January. After hearing the restrictions that are currently in place, the parents voted to delay the trip until this September. The two fundraisers coming up soon for our 6th graders are the Valentine’s Day Gift Bags & Candygrams (due Tuesday, Feb. 8) and the next Capstone To-Go Meal on Monday, Feb. 21. Registration for this meal will open on Monday, Jan. 31.

Did You Know?
Each week at worship and through the student announcements, we are sharing “Did you knows” about the history of our church and school. It is a great year filled with celebration and learning about our history. As a remembrance, we are selling specially made ornaments and coasters in honor of our 150th Anniversary! Click this LINK to purchase items.

SE Learning
This week with our K-3rd graders, Kate gave each child a rock and a pipe cleaner and asked them to make it into something. As the student found out, the rock is like having a hard problem that you can’t do anything about. Yet the pipe cleaner is more moldable, kind of like weighing the pros and cons to help make responsible decisions. Fourth-sixth graders played “Would you Rather” with a focus on weighing the pros and cons to lead to responsible decision making. The SE competency focus for February is Perspective Taking/Empathy/Manners. Kate and Shelby will be back with us next Tuesday. Kate will talk about anger and what is underneath anger and how it is a secondary emotion. They will use the analogy of an iceberg and talk more about the “feeling underneath.” With the 4-6th graders, Shelby will have an activity planned about empathy and manners.