Curricular & Spiritual Connections 10-08-21

Center for Relational Wellness
Last year to support our staff and students we contracted with The Center for Foundational & Relational Wellness to help implement the Social-Emotional Learning Competencies. On Tuesdays licensed counselor, Steffany Kroeger visited our classrooms providing the students with mindfulness and emotional regulation strategies. The program engaged our staff in embedding relationship building activities into instructional routines, and created space to support learners in developing a sense of safety, connectedness and hope.

Due to the success of this program we determined that a continued partnership with the Center would be beneficial to our students and staff to focus on the 5 Social-Emotional Competencies: Self Awareness, Self-Management, Social Awareness, Relationship Skills and Responsible Decision-Making. After a few questions about this guidance programming we have determined that there is a need to provide parents with more information about the intent of the program. Be looking for more information in the near future.

As some of you are aware, in our school we have multiple confirmed cases of COVID-19, which have been on the increase this week. In one week our school has had more reported, confirmed cases than we experienced all last year. The majority of our cases are confined to third grade and one sibling in kindergarten. As of Thursday we had 6.45% of our students that are home sick and/or have tested positive. As you know we are not able to require quarantining, but please consider keeping any of your children home that have been directly exposed by another member of the family. We are postponing events, increasing mitigation efforts, and as always we encourage anyone wishing to mask to do so.

We are optimistic, however, that taking steps to quickly limit this outbreak will allow us to maintain normal operations. That is our overriding goal!

5 Year Strategic Plan
The overall St. Paul’s mission is “Living God’s Love” with this work being completed through Worship, Leadership, Children and Youth, School, and Hospitality, and a focus on the Values: of “Love, Justice, Compassion and Joy”. We are beginning the process of developing 3-5 minor goals for the school to set the course for the next 5 years. If you would like to be a part of the school conversation or have some ideas about some goals please feel free to contact Principal Johnson.

STO Scholarships
STO benefits families while affording a 75% Iowa income tax credit for those that donate to STO. We are so fortunate at St. Paul’s to annually receive thousands of dollars for our families to help offset their tuition costs.  Please read the recent STO newsletter that outlines how you can donate and reap the benefit of the income tax credit. Thank you for your continued support in ensuring all those that want their children to be a part of our St. Paul’s school community can.