Curricular & Spiritual Connections 10-22-21

Day of Caring
The Waverly Shell Rock Area United Way held their Day of Caring in September. The United Way has established this day as a way that teams can help local nonprofit organizations, families, individuals, and communities by providing the human power needed to fix, repair, organize and create. We are blessed to be part of such a genuine caring community, The students are thrilled with their new equipment and send their appreciation to the members of the Rotary Club. 

Many thanks to Kathy Olson who nominated St. Paul’s to the Rotary to provide the school playground equipment.

In support of the Day of Caring students of St. Paul’s School made Cards of Encouragement to include in Backpack boxes and Elderly Nutrition boxes for the Northwest Food Bank.

Fun Walk
The School Fund Committee’s Annual Fall Fun Walk was held on Oct. 6 in conjunction with Iowa’s Healthiest State Walk. That morning the fifth and sixth graders shared their artistic creativity by chalking the walk with activities for the walkers to do while sauntering around. Students danced away with a couple of Wartburg cheer squad members with music provided by KWAY and Al Suhr.  Wartburg volleyball and football players strolled with the students as well as many parents and community members.  Although 82 students brought in donations, we did fall short of our goal of $5000, but we were able to raise $4,131 for the school fund.  

As a token of appreciation to all those who participated, each child received a fruit sticker, those that brought in donations received a Fruit of the Spirit bracelet and the student in each class who collected the most money received two passes to the “W”. Pictured below are the class winners: Back Row: 5th-Kamille Thompson; 4th Macy Jansen; 2nd-Vailen Claude; Middle Row: 6th-Dhani Miller; 1st-Zephan Keith; Kdg-Lottie Ramker; 3rd-Isaac Mueller; Front-PS-Ray Hangartner. Thanks to all who participated and contributed emotional, spiritual, and financial support.

As I was visiting classrooms this morning I listened to a morning meaning conversation with a group of our students. The students were asked about ways they manage their stress. I often wonder if students recognize when they are stressed and if they know what to do when they are feeling “off”. Throwing the ball, praying, sitting and crying, talking to my dad, and going for a walk were some of the ways that these students said they work off those stressful feelings. This conversation reminded me of an article that I just read from the National Association for the Education of Young Children. In the article the author talks about how nature can help us get some relief from our everyday stresses. Going for walks or drives though parks, swimming, or just standing out on the deck and looking up at the stars are ways I connect with nature when I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed. Using Nature Contact to Support Children Under Stress.

“Would you like to save money on your taxes?”
STO benefits families while affording a 75% Iowa income tax credit for those that donate to STO. We are so fortunate at St. Paul’s to annually receive thousands of dollars for our families to help offset their tuition costs. Watch the new STO Commercial!