Curricular & Spiritual Connections 10-29-21

Personal Items
We’ve asked our students to keep personal items at home including balls and fidgets etc. The reason for this is that we don’t want items lost or ‘permanently borrowed’. We also don’t want any incidents of ‘this is my ball and you can’t play’. If your child has success with using a fidget for concentration or anxiety, please work with your child’s teacher so your child can utilize it in the classroom. If these items are needed for after school just ask your child to keep them in their bag.

Cold Weather
With the cold weather quickly approaching, I would like to remind you of our clothing requirements. I know the temperature is starting to be chilly so please dress your child appropriately. Also please label all of their belongings, some of those black snow pants all look alike. During the winter months, we can keep your child’s snow pants and boots here during the week, just let your child’s teacher know. If you need support in getting coats and snow gear please contact us, we have several organizations that are ready and willing to help furnish winter clothing. Just email me, Principal Johnson ( the size and what your needs are and we’ll help figure that out with you.

The Center for Foundational and Relational Wellness
Kate and Steffany from the Center are continuing to support our teachers and students with Guidance Lessons. One of the teachers said, “I was so happy to see that they presented the lesson on empathy, I had just read a book about empathy, and this was a great reminder for the students. On Tuesday, I sat in on every lesson and it was so uplifting to the same concept delivered to all of our K-6th grade students on the same day. That was part of the teachers’ goals we set last Spring. The guidance team comes twice a month.
I will be sharing the content of the lesson in the newsletter on the Friday before the Tuesday lesson.

Guidance sessions for  November 2, 2021

Scripture Reading: 1 Peter 3:8: “Finally, all of you, be like-minded, be sympathetic, love one another, be compassionate and humble.”
Social Emotional Competency is: Perspective Taking & Empathy: Concept is Empathy
Prayer: Dear God, I pray our students will view others today through the lens of your compassion.  Amen

K-3rd Guidance Lesson-Kate:  will continue our lesson on Empathy by reviewing short stories and discussing ways to empathize with the main character, by “being in their shoes”.  We will discuss things like, what might they be experiencing, feeling, wondering and how we could learn more about them instead of make assumptions, judgements or give advice.  We will discuss the idea that every situation has a beginning, middle and an end and the importance of not assuming that we know the whole story. We will use StoryTelling cards (pictures) to create beginnings, middles and endings.

K-3rd grade discussion questions for  parents: Why is it important to know “the whole story”?  What does it mean to “be in someone’s shoes”? Why does this help you have empathy?

Grade 4-6th Lesson-Steffany:  The students will follow up on Empathy and discuss how Empathy and Perspective are connected. The students read a story written using a 3rd person point of view that describes a negative situation involving a character. However, the narrator does not reveal any details about the character’s life or experiences. Then, the students read a 1st person point of view story from the perspective of that character. The 1st person point of view story reveals important details that will help the students have empathy for that character. This is so important for showing students the importance of listening, asking questions, not assuming, and just really trying to see someone else’s perspective.

4th-6th grade discussion questions for  parents:
What does it mean to take a different perspective? How is it helpful in understanding others? How is it connected to empathy?

It has been so awesome seeing you all at worship and watching our students’ love of Jesus grow and grow through scripture and leadership.  The last two weeks the students have been focusing on “Listening to Jesus as he calls to you” and “How Jesus comes to our lives in the time of trouble”. Take the opportunity to talk to your child about the importance of prayer and how Jesus is always there for us and to lean on him during times of trouble. This reminds me of the song, “Leaning on his Everlasting Arms”.