Curricular & Spiritual Connections 11-04-2022

By: Principal Tamela Johnson


This week during Baptismal Remembrance, Deb Bachman delivered the message about trust. Who do we trust? Do we trust ourselves? Do we trust one another? Living by faith means listening to Jesus and choosing to trust him moment by moment. This morning we spent some time with our 3-6th grade students and talked to them about regaining our teacher’s trust in them. We have about 75% of this group of children that we can trust. We can trust that they will walk the St. Paul’s way, having integrity and following the Fruits of the Spirit in all settings and in all circumstances. The other 25% seem to be allowing their zeal for competition to drive the way they behave. We reminded them of our accountability card system, appropriate actions, leadership responsibilities and that we have cameras that capture actions in and out of the building. Please help us in our mission to provide the support and guidance to develop in all or our students integrity, faith, and emotional regulation. Put your trust in God and life will never be the same. Trusting Him to work out your circumstances instead of using your own might and power will bring deep satisfying joy into your life.