Curricular & Spiritual Connections 11-05-21

Capstone Veteran’s Day
On Nov. 2, we witnessed another class act from our Capstone Team, the 6th grade students and their parents. From early morning to the evening, the students, staff and parents honored Veterans during the school opening and the breakfast in the morning, to the Veteran’s Town Hall, to the Capstone meal in the evening. Pastor Patricia Shaw’s email says it all!

“I want you to know what a blessing St. Paul’s Lutheran School and the events of this day have been to my life. My day at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church & School began with the amazing gathering of our student body, parents, staff and veterans around the raising of the flag. The attention of the children and the respect everyone showed for the flag and each other was a sight to see. The same level of respect and attention was given during the Pledge of Allegiance and the prayer for the Opening. From there, the day just kept getting better. I was stunned by the poise and clarity with which the students spoke and participated in the Town Hall. It was all so enlightening to me even though I lived through the times of which the vets spoke.

I thought the day could not get any better when later in the afternoon, I walked through a P. E. class in session. At least two students stopped what they were doing and approached me to tell me they liked the prayers I spoke for the Opening Ceremony and the Table Blessing. They didn’t have to do that, but they did. They honored the Office of Pastor with their genuine thoughtfulness. Such respect. Such attentiveness. Such preparedness. Such maturity.

 To top off the day, as if I hadn’t already seen God at work in many and various ways, I brought home a hot, fresh, and delicious meal, refreshed once again.

I know you will accept my gift to the School Capstone Project to further your efforts toward the education of our students and their trip to Washington, DC. I have been blessed so richly this day. Thank you to all – students, teachers, staff, parents, principal and board.

Your sister in Christ,
Pastor Patricia Shaw”

It is a complete honor to work with these amazing students and see them grow into well rounded individuals. As I always find myself saying, St. Paul’s Lutheran School is truly a place where faith and learning go hand in hand.

“Would you like to save money on your taxes?”
STO benefits families while affording a 75% Iowa income tax credit for those that donate to STO. We are so fortunate at St. Paul’s to annually receive thousands of dollars for our families to help offset their tuition costs. Watch the new STO Commercial!

School Fund
With school funds generated from the church budget, tuition, the endowment fund and the annual fund, St. Paul’s school continues to thrive. We praise those that continue to support our school and children with spiritual and financial support.  An easy way to support the school fund is through AmazonSmile which is a website operated by Amazon with the same products, prices and shopping. The difference is when you shop AmazonSmile, the Foundation will donate .5 percent of the purchase price of eligible products to the charitable organization of your choice. Log in and Shop: and select St. Paul’s Lutheran Church & School as your charitable organization.  School Fund brochure

Perceptions Are Reality
As I observed the Social Emotional Lesson for the week, our 4-6th grader did an activity in which 3 students stood in the front of the room, the student in the middle faced one of the students and held up fingers in front and behind her. The student in front saw 4 fingers and the student behind saw 3 fingers. Steffany asked the middle student how many fingers and the student said 7. The question—who is right? As my UNI professor said, “Our perception is our reality,” but it might not be perceived the same way from others. Children use their senses and past experience to gather and understand information and respond to the world around them. What a great social emotional tool for self reflection and helping us develop patience and garner empathy for others!