Curricular & Spiritual Connections 2-12-21

Share St. Paul’s Story

Starting this month, we need your help and support in promoting our school, one of Waverly’s best kept secrets. One of our goals this spring is to increase enrollment by promoting our school through social media posts, articles and local media. We are so pleased to share with you our new St. Paul’s Lutheran School overview video. You can view our promo by scrolling down to the bottom of our school webpage at Many thanks to our teachers for sharing their photos and suggestions and a special thank you to our Preschool Team, Pam Taylor and Tricia Freeman for generating the idea and providing the attention to detail. A special shout-out to Hannah Hilgenkamp for putting together this masterpiece! Please share this video with any neighbors, friends or families that might be interested in St. Paul’s Lutheran School as their School of Choice. Here is also the YouTube link that can also be shared with others. Thank you in advance for helping us reach our goal through sharing with others what an awesome place St. Paul’s Lutheran School is.

Be the Pipe-Offering Campaign for St. Paul’s Worship

On Jan. 21, St. Paul’s Church member, Ed Scharlau shared with our students one of his many missions, Water to Thrive. Water to Thrive transforms lives in rural Africa by working with partners and beneficiaries to bring the blessing of clean, safe water, connecting communities in need with supporters who have the heart and spirit to make a difference. Mr. Scharlau is one of the founders of Water to Thrive and serves on the board of directors.

During this second trimester, we have selected Water to Thrive as the recipient of our offerings. The Worship Committee and our students have set a goal to build a well and we are in need of your financial support of raising our goal of $5000 by the end of Lutheran Schools Week, March 12, 2021.

Mr. Scharlau left us the challenge to “BE THE PIPE.” Help the students and staff at St. Paul’s get clean water to African families, be the blessing, show your heart and spirit and help us make a difference! The following are three ways you can help us meet our goal:

We will collect water to Thrive offering through March 12, 2021.

Social Emotional Competencies

In October, we announced our 6 weeks of programming from The Center for Foundational & Relational Wellness with licensed therapist Steffany Kroeger designed to help address some of our student stressors. She provided our students with mindfulness and emotional regulation strategies and also provided our educators with key teaching practices to support the social-emotional well-being of learners during these uncertain times.

I’ve included a link to the Mindful Moments that Steffany used with our students. This programming enabled us to embed relationship building activities into instructional routines, and created space to support learners in developing a sense of safety, connectedness and hope.  Many thanks to our church friend Gil Wessel and the Tyrrell Masonic Lodge for their financial support to bring these valued skills to our students, teachers, and classrooms this fall.

Starting next week we will be able to continue this programming, free of charge, through the center with their Wartburg students, Lilly Sauer and Bryson Runge. These students will focus on the mindfulness activities and lessons focusing on the Social Emotional Competencies. This spring our teachers will learn more about Social Emotional learning with our Central Rivers AEA partners.