Curricular & Spiritual Connections 3-12-21

Lutheran Schools Week
This year’s LSW theme was Hope and Joy, which is truly fitting as we bounce back from this world-wide pandemic. This week our mitigation has been somewhat of a good, bad thing. Of course the negative impact this week is that the community doesn’t get to participate in worship and parents don’t get to see their children present their Washington Monuments or the Living Wax Museums. The good news is Lutheran Schools Week has been recorded, offered for all to see, and for 2021 we now have a living, breathing archive of this week’s happenings. We hope you access our social media to join us in the celebration and relive some St. Paul’s memories.

One Year Anniversary
This year’s LSW theme was Hope and Joy, which is truly fitting as we bounce back from this world-wide pandemic. Twenty-twenty was quite the year, some of us will rebound unimpacted and others will face some trauma when thinking back to the year of isolation. We hope that you all are mending and that you are experiencing some hope and joy knowing the spread is subsiding. Like all anniversaries we all react in a variety of ways. As I was doing a little research on the impact I came across this article that outlines strategies for coping with the one year COVID-19 anniversary. The article provides ideas for safeguarding your own mental health as well as helping others cope. The ideas provide some good insight for awareness.

School Offering
Each trimester St. Paul’s School selects a non-profit organization either locally, nationally, or internationally.  For our international offering collection we selected Water to Thrive. I am so proud to say we collected enough to build that WELL as we exceeded our $5000 goal. “We are the Pipe”! On Monday, we will find out the total amount collected. In celebration of the outpouring of offering giving this trimester, today Mrs. Mummelthei, Mrs. B and Mrs. Wilde each kissed a pig. Our local goal for this third trimester is EWALU. This past week EWALU put a bid on a transport van and they fell $1500 short of the previous owner’s asking price. The worship committee set our goal for that $1500 to ensure that EWALU can make that purchase.  How exciting it is to know we are having such an impact on organizations and people in need! God is Good!