Curricular & Spiritual Connections 3-25-22

One Spiritual Family-Strength Together
Each Thursday before and/or after worship, we will be providing a fellowship time with treats and worshipers can help themselves to the coffee bar in the Narthex. No obligation, just a time to have some adult conversations with family members and friends that attended worship on that Thursday morning.


STO-DUE April 15, 2022
Instructions for the application process are in this document: STO School Pay Application Process. The 2022 poverty rates are available on the website

STO Questions
Specific questions about how to complete the FACTS application:  FACTS Helpline at 866-315-9262 Monday-Thursday 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Friday 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. For general assistance with internet access or uploading tax documents, contact or call 352-1484.

We want to let you know that effective today, March 25, we are no longer requiring snow gear. If by chance we get some measurable snow, we ask that you have snow gear ready to send with your child, but let’s just hope that there isn’t a need. Please continue to send hats and gloves with your child because it can be chilly in the mornings when we go outside.

-from Mrs. Rieckenberg, 5th grade teacher 
5th grade has been a busy year! We are so happy to see that Spring is finally here! We have just started a math unit this week that covers decimal multiplication & division, line plots and the metric system. We also started reading a book before break called A Long Walk to Water. This is a story about two children who live in different parts of Africa and their struggles finding water for their family and escaping the war in South Sudan, leaving their families behind. If you haven’t read it, we highly recommend it! It has helped us see a different perspective and has helped remind us of our many blessings God has given us! Lastly, in science we are learning about the interactions of the earth’s spheres and the effects of these relationships. The students are currently building models to show these effects such as tornadoes, snow storms, avalanches and a volcano. The students shared that they really enjoy working to create something together! We also had Brandon Libby, one of the meteorologists from KWWL, come to speak to us so we could better understand the interactions of the spheres and the effects on our weather. Next week, we will be leading worship. We would love to have you join us as we learn more about the time that Mary anointed Jesus.

We apologize for the misinformation. The EWALU scholarships are designated for our children that are St. Paul’s Lutheran Church members only.

Two St. Paul’s households have issued a challenge. All gifts given between March 15-31, 2022 to Lutheran Disaster Response for relief for the victims of the war in Ukraine will be matched 1:2 up to $2,000. In other words, your gift of $2 will be matched with $1 making a total gift of $3. Our third trimester offering has been designated for this mission work. Please give generously to the school offering, especially during these last two Thursdays in March. Lutheran Disaster Response for relief for the victims of the war in Ukraine.

Next Tuesday, our social-emotional lesson will be about social awareness, appreciating diversity, empathy and civic engagement. The social awareness competency involves the ability to take the perspective of those with the same and different backgrounds and cultures and to empathize and feel compassion. It also involves understanding social norms for behavior in diverse settings and recognizing family, school and community resources. Our K-3rd graders will be doing an activity on appreciating diversity, using apples and oranges for the younger grades and art supplies with the older classes. We will discuss differences, appreciating them, comparisons and judgements. In 5th and 6th grade, the students will work on scenario cards about putting themselves in someone else’s shoes. The 4th graders will be tossing a ball around giving compliments.