Curricular & Spiritual Connections 3-26-21

The Power of Prayer

A little story to tell…
Yesterday at recess a group of kindergarten boys were playing the “Greenie” game. Part of the game is to give others super powers. One of our students explained that the super power was granted by putting two hands on the person and then the person falls back with super powers. One student came up with a “non-pushing alternative” to granting super powers. The best part was when I asked them if they wanted to do a little prayer to God to help them make good choices. This young kindergartner stepped right up and led the prayer! I was so impressed! These kids knew the power and necessity of prayer. I am so proud of the work of our staff and grateful to you parents for teaching our students about the power of prayer and how essential it is in attaining a flourishing Christian life.

Be the Pipe
We are so thankful to all those who contributed to our Be the Pipe missionary work for helping bring clean water to rural Africa. As you will see on the Water to Thrive website, $3867.90 was donated directly on the site. Through offerings and other donations, we are able to say our missionary work was a huge success with collecting enough to almost build TWO wells, with our current total of $8655.90!

Third Trimester Offering
School worship offering is a part of our St. Paul’s Lutheran School ministry work. Each year, each trimester we designate one local, national, and world-wide organization as a recipient of our offering. This spring we selected EWALU. It was great timing especially when we heard that they were $1500 short on their need to purchase a transport van. When I contacted Paul Frantsen he was elated.

This is a message from Paul: “Camp EWALU offers outdoor ministry programs for youth of all ages throughout the summer. Many camper groups travel off-site as part of their weeklong experiences to places such as Minnesota, Wisconsin, the Mississippi River, and other local attractions. Per regulations, EWALU’s transportation vehicles need to be safe and in good condition. This is why EWALU is purchasing a newer van to help meet those needs. Thank you for helping to support EWALU’s summer Bible camp program in this way. We hope to see you at camp in the future. We’d be happy to give you a ride in the new van!”

The students will be bringing home offering envelopes. One of our students figured out that for the next 9 worships, if each week, each of our K-6th grade students would contribute at least $1.00 we would be close to meeting our $1500 goal. Hopefully we can exceed that goal and help support EWALU with their work, “EWALU serves all people as a place to connect the Word of God with the world of God.”