Curricular & Spiritual Connections 4-08-22

Thank you all for contributing to the baskets for the Virtual PTO silent auction – we had an overwhelming response! Visit St. Paul’s Lutheran School PTO Facebook and bid on a basket or two for your children or other special people in your life! Bidding will close on Sunday, April 10 at 5 p.m. and winners will be notified and can pick up their basket starting Monday, April 11, just in time for Easter. The baskets assembled include a: Baby Basket, Toddler Basket, Movie Night Basket, Little Kid Basket (Ages 5-8), Shop Local Basket, Family Night In a Basket, Video Game Basket, Big Kid Basket, Dad Basket, Biggest Kid Basket and a Mom Basket. These would make great baskets from the Easter Bunny or from a Grandma or Grandpa!

Student Newsletter
Dhani Miller and Isabella Gidley, with guest column by Harper Keith, have published their next edition of their student school newsletter.  Here is a link to their April 8, 2022 Edition, be watching our school newsletter for links to future editions of their student newsletter.

Healthy Partners
On Friday, April 1, the St. Paul’s Lutheran fourth-grade class was visited by one of their Healthy Partners, the ambulance crew. Led by a great group of Paramedics and EMTs, the students learned what each visitors’ role in the community was and were also given the opportunity to ask many questions. Additionally, the class was blessed to have the opportunity to sit inside three Waverly ambulances and receive a full tour. Left in awe after their visitors left, the fourth-grade students learned a lot of valuable information about healthcare and safety that they will be able to take with them into the future. As one student shared, “It was great, and we learned a lot about first aid. I hope we can do it again in fifth grade!”

Classroom Feature
By Mrs. Brown-Third Grade
Happy Spring! The third graders have been busy planning for their last worship, April 21. The gospel message is from John 20, the story of doubting Thomas. There will be several skits and special music!

By far, the students’ favorite study this year was about pioneering in the 1850s! The students were separated into five groups that had to research and plan for a cross country trip to a few designated locations, BUT based their supplies, communication and travel on those available in the mid 1800s. This project led us to our next unit, learning about Native American tribes that inhabited the lands during that time. The students enjoyed their Native American Shelter projects, which were displayed in the Parish Hall during Lutheran Schools Week. In conclusion, each group presented their information to the class. The Mystery Science activities are always really fun and interesting! This year in Mystery Science we have studied the units of Stormy Skies, Animals through Time, and are currently working on Invisible Forces and finish the year with the Power of Flowers.

The third graders look forward to all of the monthly events, including visits from the SEL counselors-Kate and Shelby, Pastor Mark, Mrs. Cook with Ag in the Classroom, reading to Preschool Buddies and going to the Public Library.

As the end of our school year approaches, the third grade students will continue writing memorable personal narratives, then research and write a biography on a famous person. It is so inspiring to see the growth made by each individual student!!

2022-23 School Board Calendar
The St. Paul’s School board approved the 2022-23 School Calendar. We look forward to serving you child during the 2022-23 and continuing in our partnership where “Faith and Learning Go Hand in Hand.”

STO-DUE April 15, 2022
Instructions for the application process are in this document: STO School Pay Application Process. The 2022 poverty rates are available on the website:

STO Questions
Specific questions about how to complete the FACTS application: FACTS Helpline at 866-315-9262 Monday – Thursday 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Friday 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. For general assistance with internet access or uploading tax documents contact or 319-352-1484.

  • April 15 – No School
  • April 18 – PTO @ 6 p.m.
  • April 26 – 4:15-7 p.m. McTeacher Night @ McDonalds-Come one and all!
  • May 7 – Spring Social (Adult only Event–we hope to see you all there!)
  • May 20 – 6th Grade Graduation
  • May 27 – Last Day of School