Curricular & Spiritual Connections 4-09-21

Student Tuition Assistance deadline date is April 15. Please let us know what we can do to help ensure that your family is considered for tuition assistance. Last year our students were awarded $40,009 total in scholarships. This winter we had seven generous donors that gave to Our Faith, Our Children, Our Future the School Tuition Organization and designated St. Paul’s for STO Scholarships of just over $10,000. Thank you donors!

2021-22 School Calendar
The St. Paul’s School board approved the 2021-22 School Calendar. We look forward to serving your child in the 2021-22 and continuing in our partnership where “Faith and Learning Go Hand in Hand”.

Social Emotional Competencies
During the past couple of weeks the teachers have been incorporating more group and partner work.

In professional development the teachers have been learning about the Social Emotional Competencies and identifying how they fit with our Fruit Values. Relationship Skills are a part of those competencies.

Even though we are still masking during this time, as a Principal serving during this pandemic it brings tears to my eyes to finally see the collaboration and students fully engaging with one another enhancing their social-emotional learning.