Curricular & Spiritual Connections 4-30-21


Adaptations are made so traditions can continue.  Since 1971 St. Paul’s students have traveled to Strawberry Point to the EWALU camp. Even during Covid we are still ensuring those travels are happening. As we all know during this past year the decisions we have had to make for our families and our organizations have not been easy ones to make. Those decisions have been so impactful and range from “I can’t believe you’re taking this opportunity away for my child” to “Thank you so much for making the decision for us, so I didn’t have to disappoint my child.” 

The trip to EWALU was one of the hardest decisions we have had to make this year here at St. Paul’s and it’s been such a blessing to see our students, parents and teachers rebound from the disappointment and frustration.  

We commend Mrs. R and Mrs. M for all their hard work putting a very special emphasis on Native Americans and opportunities for collaboration.  On Monday morning the students traveled to the Buffalo Farm in Fredricka and learned about Native American life and put their homemade canoes to the test at the park. Thursday morning they rowed down the river in kayaks and canoes and spent the afternoon in centers focused on Native Americans. On Wednesday they participated in cooperative games at Kids Kingdom and on Thursday it was popcorn, a movie, a campfire lunch and activities.  Today, Friday, the students are spending the day on the EWALU campus.

Here’s a few quotes from the students: 

Isabella- “We get to learn and have plenty of chances to bond. It was an incredible time learning about the Native Americans and how they lived their lives.”

Harper- “It was fun, but not quite the same.”

Ava- “Different, but thrilling!”

Jayden- “You guys did a good job making it like EWALU since we couldn’t go. 😀”

Anika- “It was not like the real EWALU, but it was really close.”

Che- “Kayaking was really fun.”

Alivia- “We had just as much fun, we are just as tired, and we get to sleep in our own beds!”

Although the opportunity to overnight at EWALU didn’t happen, much of the same learning did. Congratulations to Mrs. R and Mrs. M and the students for the successful week!

One of the factors that influenced the decision to overnight at EWALU was the upcoming school musical, ensuring that the 5th and 6th grade students were available for rehearsals this week. We are so delighted to be able to invite families and their guests to the Wartburg College Campus for our annual Spring Musical. We are going through the registrations and assigning seats and that information will hopefully be out on Friday.  Be sure to support Capstone and treat your family to an ice-cream treat following the concert.

Teacher Appreciation Week

The week of May 3-7 is Teacher Appreciation Week. Our teachers have worked so hard this year and I continue to marvel at their ability to teach students in the classroom while also teaching some of our students remotely. As a token of appreciation I would LOVE for you and your children to write a special note or thank you for their hard work in teaching during a pandemic!

Also just a quick reminder that this trimester goal for Weekly Offering is $1500 and we have raised $962.17. To honor our teachers, during Teacher Appreciation Week next week, please send a little extra offering to help ensure us that our goal is met and that EWALU is able to purchase this van with our contribution!