Curricular & Spiritual Connections 5-15-21

Buckets of Water
On Wednesday, May 12, our 5th and 6th grade students had the opportunity to meet up with Wartburg and 7th grade WSR students to walk for “Water to Thrive”. All the students started out from the Middle School and walked to the Cedar River and filled jugs of water and returned to their school. Although the walk wasn’t for hours and miles, the walk simulated the grueling task that many African women and children go through to bring water to their families and villages. Many thanks to Ed Scharlau for providing the experience for our students and the Waverly newspaper for the media coverage (  St. Paul’s “Be the Pipe” campaign is still active!

Senior Breakfast
On Thursday morning of this week, we hosted a breakfast “Meet and Greet” for the St. Paul’s former students who will be graduating from High School this year. It was so rewarding to get to catch up in the Courtyard with our former students and learn about their plans for after graduation. The students expressed their gratitude to their former teachers as well as thanking them for the leadership opportunities that helped mold them into the outstanding leaders they are today!

DARE Graduates
Today our 6th graders graduated from the DARE program. We are so proud of our students in pledging to be responsible decision makers and we are thankful to Officer Stephens for his continued leadership in bringing the D.A.R.E. program to our St. Paul’s students.