Curricular & Spiritual Connections 5-21-21

Optional Masking
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Thank you for all the support and understanding that was extended to the board and myself as we made the tough decision about masking. Who would have known that a day later our Governor would put a stop to mandatory masking? On Tuesday, I talked to the kids about the importance of respecting others that choose or don’t choose mask wearing and that we need to be supportive of one another! It is important now, more than ever before for us to stick together and show grace to those who differ and pray for an easier next school year for our children and families.


As the school year is winding down, I want to explain my absence to some of the year end activities. On Saturday, May 8, I slipped on the wet floor in my garage and fell causing some severe tears in my hamstring. I finally got into Iowa City on May 20 and I have surgery scheduled for May 21. Hopefully I’ll get some relief. I hope to be present throughout the week next week. I have so been looking forward to all of the events and meeting families and want you to know that I am there with you all in spirit!

We are so proud to announce that almost 100% of our students were in the proficient or advanced category in all our ISASP (Iowa Student Assessment for Student Progress) tests. The ISASP is intended to provide information to schools and families on how students are performing on the Iowa Core Academic Standards. This test is administered to 3rd-6th grade students in reading, mathematics and language arts. In Grades 5, 8 and 11, the students also take the science assessment. Hats off to our students for working hard to advance their skills and trying hard on the test. Hats off to the teacher and associates for their hard work in ensuring that our students had mastered the skills for success. Hats off to the parents for working so hard to become their children’s teachers during school shut down. St. Paul’s has a lot to brag about, every school across the state would love to have our data and student performance! Results will be sent home with report cards next week.