Curricular & Spiritual Connections 5-6-22

By: Principal Tamela Johnson

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School Musical & Art Show

Wednesday’s classroom performances, musical and art show were a highlight of our school year. If you are unable to attend the musical in person, the performances were livestreamed via Knight Vision, Wartburg College’s streaming service. The musical can be viewed at Thanks to all of you for your support and attendance, as well as supporting our Capstone Dilly Bar fundraiser.

Classroom Feature

By Mrs. Taylor-Kindergarten

I have taught kindergarten for many years and yet each year continues to be a unique teaching experience. One of the great things about kindergarten is that every day is a new learning adventure.  What other job allows you to receive endless hugs, listen to stories, watch eyes light up with new knowledge, and not to mention, excitement at the thought of losing a tooth or being the line leader?

One of my favorite quotes is “Students don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care,” which was said by John Stevenson. This is an essential element of my teaching. Building relationships with the children and providing them with a safe atmosphere creates an inviting learning environment. During kindergarten, the children are building their faith and educational foundation.

We focus on literacy skills, create writing projects, read together and develop math skills, along with reading Bible stories and developing our science and social studies skills. Faith, of course, is a natural part of everything we do and learn.  While that seems like a full day of learning, the children also have Spanish, Thinking Class, Library, Art, Music, P.E., and attend School Worship every week. The kindergarten class is also cross grade friends with the sixth-grade class. Kindergarten is a very busy place!

I’ve often said that as children get older, memories of kindergarten usually fade. It is my hope that what remains is a passion for learning that was nurtured in kindergarten. I also hope when they think of kindergarten at St. Paul’s, it brings a smile to their face and a warm feeling knowing that kindergarten was a happy place to learn.

Student Newsletter

Dhani Miller and Isabella Gidley have published their next edition of their student school newsletter. Here is a link to their May 6, 2022 edition. Be watching our school newsletter for links to future editions of their student newsletter!

Last SE Session

Next week will be our last week with our social emotional lessons. We will continue our work with the competency of Self-Management: Goal Setting. 4-6th graders will work on goal setting using a Smart Goals worksheet. K-3rd grade will talk about goal challenges and ways to use creativity and confidence to overcome them.

Save the Dates!
  • May 7 Spring Social (Adult only Event–we hope to see you all there!)
  • May 13: End of Year Picnic
  • May 16: PTO Meeting
  • May 20: 6th Grade Graduation
  • May 27: Last Day of School

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