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Voluntour: Serve at St. Paul's

Needs are around us every day.

Some are really big needs and some are really small. Some are the needs of the people nearest us, but some are the needs of strangers half a world away.

Every single one of us dreams about giving ourselves to something that makes a difference in someone's life. You want more out of life and you believe God has more in store for you than what you are currently doing.

You have something to contribute. God gives everyone abilities, time and the desire to change things for the better. (Really, you do!)

Imagine how great it would be to find a place to serve that matters. Start with the things you care the most about — things you're really interested in. It could be hunger or worship or children's issues or giving encouragement to elder adults or to youth.

Take one small step and sign up to serve through one of St. Paul's ministries.

A list follows. Check as few or as many as call to you. And if it turns out not to be the perfect fit, it's okay to start over with something that may be a better match.

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