6th Grade Confirmation

Old Testament Discovery

Class meets at the school. Seventh grade students need transportation from the Middle School to the church. Classes are over at 4:15pm. Students can be picked up at that time or remain for supervised recreation. A break is built in at midpoint. Parents are welcome to join the class!


  • To tell the story that unfolds in the Old Testament over 1,800 years as our story of faith.
  • To engage the God of this story and discover what God’s love means and what loving God means.
  • To connect with the ordinary people whom God chooses and connect to our own baptism.
  • To look at values that God gives us and how Bible persons made good/bad choices.
  • To live what it means to be the church by prayer, worship, service and being part of God’s people.
  • To practice working together as believers in making a difference in God’s world.


  • Students may choose an adult mentor for the year, someone your family knows and trusts.
  • Students and mentors meet throughout the year for discussion and service activities.
  • You can keep the same mentor for all three years of confirmation if you wish.

Activities with Mentors:

  • Attend worship together at St. Paul's occasionally throughout the year.
  • Do a service project together in the fall.
  • Attend Advent worship services together.
  • Do a service project together in the spring.
  • Attend Lent worship services together, and discuss afterwards.
  • Meet at other times if you wish. (school or sports event, family dinner, etc)