The foundation of the faith formation for our children and youth at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church & School is our Milestones Ministry Program. This program lifts up important faith moments and discipleship practices in our children’s lives. The Milestones Ministry Program nurtures the Christian faith, strengthens relationships, and creates the kind of bond that promotes meaningful memories for years to come. St. Paul’s celebrates eight milestones from birth to high school graduation: Baptism, Worship, Prayer, Bible 101, First Communion, Entering Confirmation, Affirmation of Baptism, and High School Graduation.

Our Milestones Ministry Program has four components. The first component includes learning events attended by the child and his or her parent or guardian. Events are held on Saturday and Sunday mornings throughout the program year and are co-taught by Rev. Dr. Arthur C. Bergren, lead pastor, and Deb Bachman, director of faith formation. Students go deep into discussion with their parents and church leaders based on the specific milestone that is being celebrated. Some variation exists in learning events as students get older. i.e. Confirmation and high school youth activities.

St. Paul’s believes parents are the primary faith-formers in children’s lives. The second component includes a take home piece for students and their families to do together. This often includes a prayer booklet, a Bible story to read, or a guide to spark conversation about faith in the home.

The third component is worship. We recognize our eight milestones at various times throughout the liturgical year as part of the weekend liturgy. We recognize that worship in itself is the basis to leading a Christian life. St. Paul’s feels it is important to lift up these special events with the whole body of Christ and our Christian community. As a congregation, St. Paul’s makes promises to help children grow in their faith and supports children as they walk their faith journeys.

The final component is a tangible gift for each child to take home to remember these important faith milestones. Gifts include baptismal candles, Bibles, prayer booklets, chalices, and quilts.

St. Paul’s continues to develop and revolutionize these milestones to meet the needs our families. Families are notified throughout the year of important dates that relate specifically to their sons and daughters and the milestone they are approaching. All children and families, even if you are not a St. Paul’s member, are welcome to take part in our Milestones Ministry Program.

Please contact Deb Bachman, director of faith formation, with questions.