The St. Paul’s Lutheran Church & School Playground has been a home for fun, learning, and play to our school students as well as community members after school and every weekend. To meet the needs of children who are unable to play easily on pea gravel due to physical challenges, we are raising money to make our special playground completely accessible to all children. We will replace the pea gravel with a rubber backed surfacing which will allow every child to play to their heart’s delight. The total cost of the project is $75,000. We have currently raised nearly $40,000. To help complete our fundraising efforts, we are inviting families to purchase tiles on which their child’s hand will be imprinted and mounted on the fence and garden/sandbox area of the playground. The cost of the tiles are $30 each or $25 each when you purchase two or more.


We are also inviting anyone interested in supporting the playground to make personal or business donations. To honor major donors, we are adorning the brick facade that borders the north side of the playground with metal kites bearing our school logo and the name of the donor or the memorial. The school logo kites affixed to the building will honor $300, $500, or $1,000 donations. Click here to donate.


St Paul’s Lutheran School Playground Project begun with the desire to provide a handicap-accessible playground for all children of this school and community. The first phase of this project was completed in 2016. This 1,300 square foot surface has been an amazing addition to our playground for school and community. However, the need to continue this project is two-fold. The existing pea gravel is causing damage to the new surfacing, so it is important to complete the surfacing on the other section of the playground as soon as possible. The project involves removing the current pea gravel surface and the installation of a rubber surface covering the remaining approximately 3,717 square feet. This would provide a safer environment for the children as well as a play area which meets Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards. Our playground is available, not only to the school, but also to the neighborhood surrounding the school and those who are visiting the area.


Our playground is used during the school day by all our students; however, after school hours and every weekend, community members from in and around Waverly can be found at the playground enjoying its safe environment. Kohlmann Park across the street also has a playground for children, but our playground has an added benefit for young families in that it is gated and makes it safe for young children.


Another feature we are bringing to the playground renovation are opportunities to enhance our science and math curriculum with the addition of a garden space, a possible butterfly garden, and playground equipment that has mathematical or musical components. Park benches for parents to utilize while enjoying their children at play will also be a part of the renovation.


Groundbreaking for the renovations will be  May 15 at our school family picnic. The work will begin as soon as school is dismissed for the summer. The project will be completed before the start of the 2019-20 school year.


Our school building was built in 1964 and the playground, designed by St. Paul’s member, Nancy Anderson, was instituted around that time. As we near the 150th birthday of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church & School, this becomes a wonderful opportunity to bring new life to this place that has allowed children to play and grow in so many ways. Learn more about this project here.