PE Teacher

St. Paul's Lutheran School is seeking a half-time PE teacher for the 2017-18 school year. Please apply by sending a letter of application, resume, and three references to Dr. Kris Meyer, St. Paul's Lutheran School principal, at

Duties and Accountabilities:
Position Title: PE Teacher
Reports To: Principal

Employment Agreement:
A signed employment agreement compensation, benefits, review and qualifications shall be on file in the school office. 
Mission & Purpose: To teach an elementary school class that is Christ-centered and offers superior education academically, spiritually and socially in a structured, positive environment. 

Duties & Responsibilities: 
•    Ensure learning experiences for students consistent with the school’s philosophy, mission statement, and instructional goals.
•    Follow school procedures and policies in administrative and educational matters that are set by the Principal, School Board, and Church Council. 
•    The teacher is responsible for ensuring that these policies and procedures are carried out. 
•    Establish and promote high standards and expectations for all students for academic performance.
•    Have the knowledge to teach Bible and Christian principles according to ELCA teaching; lead students in prayer and nurture them to develop faith-based character. 
•    Demonstrate character in a personal lifestyle that is above reproach.
•    Be accountable for daily curriculum planning and implementation of plans following school adopted learning requirements and state standards set forth by the Iowa Department of Education. 
•    Be responsible for daily instruction of students, integrating Christian teaching in accordance with the ELCA teaching throughout the academic disciplines. 
•    Be accountable to meet the minimum learning objectives for the grade levels taught: to teach, test, and re-teach with a variety of materials and resources suitable to the learning situation until reasonable mastery is achieved. 
•    Be responsible for observations, evaluations, testing, reporting, conferencing, and record keeping of each student. 
•    Be responsible for the organization of classroom structure and daily orderly maintenance of the classroom environment. 
•    Maintain an attractive environment conducive and related to the educational process and the units and themes being taught. 
•    Establish and maintain a positive working relationship with staff and parents. 
•    Be responsible for classroom discipline and student management in keeping with the school discipline policy. 
•    Submit weekly lesson plans to the principal when requested. 
•    Keep daily plans in easy access in the event that a substitute is needed. A current, updated substitute file of general information of schedule and seating is also required. 
•    Be responsible to guide his/her educational assistant(s) and/or volunteer(s) in their role in the classroom when appropriate. 
•    Be responsible for the safety and health of students in the classroom. 
•    Be responsible to attend all staff and in-service meetings. 
•    Be accountable to participate in parent/family school events as scheduled or requested by principal. 
•    Be responsible to assist in planning and implementation of all school programs and special events. 
•    Be responsible to set up classroom prior to the opening of school as well as year-end clean-up of classroom. 
•    Be responsible to communicate curriculum and activity information to parents regularly. 
•    Be responsible for timely planning of supply needs and informing the principal of these needs.
•    Conduct oneself in a professional and Christian manner both in and out of the classroom. 
•    Plan and conduct parent/teacher conferences as needed or as scheduled. 
•    Teach scheduled class days and participate in actively contribute to staff development, in-service, preparation, and special programs according to annual school calendar. 
•    Be supportive of the St. Paul’s Lutheran Church and School missions and policies. 
•    Be familiar and adept in using the school information system (JMC) for attendance, grades, lesson plans, and assessment.
•    Practice daily your God-given skills in teaching and modeling your calling in the classroom with students, parents and community. 
•    Be at the school at 8:00am until 4:00 pm. 
•    Fulfill other related duties as assigned by principal. 

• Baccalaureate Degree in Education. 
• Current and valid Iowa State Teaching Certificate applicable to the subject/grades being taught. 
• Ability to move about the school building(s) and campus. 
• Ability to communicate effectively and positively with parents, students and a variety of people and personality styles. 
• Believe that the Bible is the inspired Word of God and is our final authority in all matters of faith, truth and conduct. 

Dani Gordon