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The Capstone Program

The Capstone Program seeks to build a global community of outstanding leaders through specific curriculum designed for civic engagement, research, and learning. Embedded ongoing activities including service learning and reflective journaling throughout the year help to support growth and learning.

The Legacy Project

The Legacy Project combines the core curriculum taught in the classroom with the knowledge gained from external resources and individuals from the greater community. Students learn how to develop interview questions and gain skills to create and share the stories of others. An intergenerational oral history project offers the opportunity for students to connect with community members, oftentimes veterans, to document narratives that may otherwise be lost to the next generation. The students take the information and begin to focus on how they can answer the question “What difference can I make?”


The Capstone Program culminates with a trip to Washington, D.C. so the students can experience the monuments, museums, and sites that they have studied first-hand.

Please note: This trip is not limited to St. Paul's students and staff. Members of the St. Paul's community and general public are invited to join and experience Washington, D.C. as well. For more details and pricing, please contact Lisa Alexander, capstone coordinator, at capstone@stpaulswaverly.org.

Fundraising Opportunities

The fundraising goal for the annual trip covers the cost of every student and staff member attending. Fundraisers include: community presentations, sponsored meals, an online Christmas Shop and general donations. For more information on opportunities to support the annual trip, email capstone@stpaulswaverly.org.  Please considering donating to the Capstone Program.

Putting it Together

This one-of-a-kind program creates both students and young adults that are more confident and capable, strongly bonded to their classmates and the community with a new perspective of the world.

2020 Capstone Interviews

One of the series of year-round projects include interviewing someone who’s life has been impacted by war or conflict. Click to view the 2020 Capstone Interviews.