Student Tuition Organization

The Our Faith, Our Children, Our Future School Tuition Organization (STO) and St. Paul’s Lutheran School provide tuition assistance to qualifying families. The program helps qualifying families afford to attend the Catholic school of their choice, and has allowed St. Paul’s Lutheran School families to participate as well. Tuition assistance through the STO is available to Iowa residents whose 2016 adjusted gross income is at or below 300 percent of the federally determined poverty rate. STO funds are only available for K-12th grade students.

We strongly encourage interested parents to complete an application. The Our Faith, Our Children, Our Future STO, coupled with our local tuition assistance program, makes Christian education affordable for all.

2017-18 Summary Timeline

  • Jan. 1 - Applications available on-line at
  • March 31 - Completed applications must be submitted with all required tax materials scanned, faxed or postmarked by this date. Applications with missing information cannot be processed.
  • May 15 - Award notification letters sent to all families who applied.
  • June 5 - Families receiving assistance send confirmation they are accepting/declining the assistance back to the school.


Applying for Aid Online