We have been richly blessed by our involvement with St. Paul’s Lutheran Church and School for the past 30+ years. Our St Paul’s story starts before we were married in 1983 when we had premarital counseling with Pr. Solberg. Those conversations grounded in faith have served us well throughout our marriage.


The Buckingham family at youngest child Christopher’s baptism at St. Paul’s in 1989

Our children were all baptized at St. Paul’s and began their faith journey’s at the font. One of their first experiences was with Lenten and Advent Preschool, which are both still offered today and taught both then and now by Barbara Zemke. Those lessons of shepherds, the star, the cross and the gifts of both Advent and Lent have followed us all as they grew.


St. Paul’s School provided a rich and lasting education, an uniquely special place where faith and learning go hand in hand. The endless opportunities that enriched all of our lives through the school continue to be a blessing. Leadership, service, public speaking, sharing faith, compassion and empathy are all taught and modeled at St. Paul’s. Their memories of weekly worship, baptismal remembrance, leading Advent worship, big and little friends, EWALU week, sixth grade graduation, and the annual musical are a few of the memories that we all share. We were blessed to be able to provide this foundation for our children.


Children from Chicago came to visit Waverly as part of a former partnership between St. Paul’s and Holy Family Lutheran Church

Our children were also confirmed at St. Paul’s where they could explore their faith through the confirmation programs. Trips to Holy Family in Chicago, along with the Holy Family visits to Waverly, National Lutheran Youth Gatherings, service and mission trips, Youth Group, choir, and working as sacristans allowed more opportunities for our children to learn and grow.


We have been involved in the life of St. Paul’s in many ways. Both of us have served on council, committees and in leadership roles. School hot lunch along with Lenten and Advent soup suppers were fun ways to serve with friends. The flood of 2008 as we pulled together to clean up our campus in time for school to begin is a volunteer effort that will never be forgotten. Small group ministry with confirmation and adults, Saints Alive, Saints Cafe, participating in worship leadership, and music ministry are a few of our involvements where we have reaped more than we sowed. The building project was a long term commitment that will bless us all for years to come. Our faith has been nurtured and fed with our service.


There are so many opportunities at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church & School. Meaningful worship, excellent music, fellowship and relationships built with others, education in many forms, and faith development are a few of the many opportunities. Our participation has allowed us to grow and be blessed by our service. The school taught our entire family endless lessons, gave our children a strong foundation of faith, and prepared them to be Christ’s disciples throughout their lives. For these things, and so many more blessings we are forever grateful. St. Paul’s Lutheran Church & School is a very special place.