Women’s Ministry


Circle Meetings

  • Kettner Circle // 9:30am, Wednesday, Jan. 9
    Eichhorn Haus, 2nd Floor

  • Ruth Circle // 9:15am, Wednesday, Jan. 9
       Barbara Zemke, Church Narthex

  • Luther Circle // 6:30pm, Wednesday, Jan. 9

  • Bowman Circle // 7:30am, Thursday, Jan. 10
       Duo's Coffee & Ice Cream 

Keep in Touch

Have you checked out the latest news from the Women of the ELCA site or subscribed to their monthly e-newsletter, Bold Connections? Or check out the Northeast Iowa Synodical Women's Organization. Find out what's available—there's something for everyone.


Commentary and conversation on issues, events and trends in our church, society and world, as seen through the lens of our mission and purpose and our ministries. We’ll also be blogging from events we are participating in and sharing stories of all the varied ways Lutheran women are acting boldly on their faith in Jesus Christ. Find out more...


Café is a free, monthly, web publication produced by Women of the ELCA, the national women’s organization of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. Its target is women in their 20s and 30s that seek a Lutheran perspective on life’s issues. Find out more...

Women's Ministry Letters


Do-Day gatherings are on the fourth Wednesday of every month (unless otherwise announced) at 9:00am. Each month, women gather to work on mission projects for Lutheran World Relief, creating school kits, layettes, health kits, and quilts.

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Shop Now for School Supplies!

Help Do-Day fill up School Kits for Lutheran World Relief.

  • 70-sheet notebooks

  • 30-centimeter (12-inch) rulers

  • Blunt scissors

  • 2.5-inch erasers

  • Boxes of 16 or 24 crayons