Each day is a precious gift, and the opportunity to be a part of St. Paul's Lutheran Church and School is truly a blessing for students and staff. Whether in the classroom, at recess, in worship, or on field trips, the teachers at St. Paul's look at each child as a special gift from God.

St. Paul's Lutheran School is committed to providing quality education in an environment where Christian faith is taught, learned and lived.

Thank you!

Preschool Education

St. Paul’s School provides a range of developmentally appropriate preschool programs, with five different offerings, including all day, every day preschool.

The preschool classes use the Creative Curriculum and follow the Iowa Quality Preschool Program Standards. Developmental goals for students include five areas: emotional, language, social, cognitive, and physical.

St. Paul’s preschool program has a reputation as a leader in early childhood education.

Elementary Education (K-6)

St. Paul’s Lutheran School is the only K-6 ELCA school in Iowa and is accredited by the Iowa Department of Education. All teachers are certified.

Bus service is provided through the public school system.

A cooperative program with Camp Ewalu provides outdoor educational experiences for fifth and sixth graders.

Students lead a weekly worship service on Thursday mornings at 8:35am, providing a unique opportunity to share faith, develop leadership skills, and gain confidence.