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St. Paul's Lutheran School

St. Paul's Lutheran School is a place where faith and learning go hand in hand. We are committed to excellence in academics with a focus on the students' faith walk and our school values which are reflected in the Fruit of the Spirit. Our students become confident leaders and public speakers and have opportunities to appreciate traditions and perspectives through experiences.


St. Paul’s Lutheran School is the only elementary school in Iowa affiliated with the ELCA. As a fully accredited school, we offer programs similar to public schools with the addition of faith-based curriculum. We stand apart from other schools by offering Spanish in all grades, art in kindergarten, as well as various extended field trips.


The development of faith is integral to St. Paul’s education. Each classroom has daily devotions and prayer. Classes have unique curricula to guide students’ faith development. Although we are affiliated with the ELCA, our curriculum is non-denominational. Click HERE to watch the school worship livestreams.


Students develop leadership skills in many ways. Students lead weekly Thursday morning worship, providing experience in public speaking and collaborative planning. Before graduating, 6th graders complete the Capstone Program, interviewing community members and reflecting on what it means to leave a legacy, culminating in a trip to Washington, D.C.

A Christian Education

Each day is a precious gift, and being part of St. Paul’s is a blessing for students, parents, and staff alike. Whether its in the classroom, at recess, or in worship, St. Paul’s educators see each child as a special gift from God.