Elementary Education


A Strong Academic Background

St. Paul’s Lutheran School is the only K-6 ELCA school in Iowa and is accredited by the Iowa Department of Education. All teachers are certified.

Students have a long history of academic excellence and success in junior and senior high. Teachers prepare and motivate students in the core subjects: reading, science, math, social studies, and writing.



Students enrich and broaden their academic experience.

    • Art
    • General Music
    • Band & Orchestra
    • Choir
    • Computers
    • Handbells
    • Library
    • Music Therapy
    • Physical Education
    • Religion
    • Spanish
    • Specialized Reading
    • Talented/Gifted

    Foundation for Life

    Students at St. Paul’s School are prepared for life with a strong foundation. They receive the most essential tool needed to meet life’s challenges — the word of God.

    We are blessed with close relationships with Wartburg College and Bartels Retirement Community. Students visit Bartels monthly for special friends, Common Chord, and Gifts of Joy at Christmas.

    A cooperative program with Camp Ewalu provides outdoor educational experiences for fifth and sixth graders.

    Students lead a weekly worship service on Thursday mornings at 8:35am, providing a unique opportunity to share faith, develop leadership skills, and gain confidence.

    Enrollment at St. Paul’s School is open to students from all faith backgrounds.