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St. Paul's Cemetery

St. Paul’s cemetery calls us not only to remember, but to accept our calling as saints, to live out our lives in Christ for God’s service, and to continue the work of those who have gone before us.



St. Paul’s cemetery has been part of St. Paul’s mission since 1876, even before St. Paul’s had it’s own sanctuary. The 8-acre site is the chosen resting place of over a thousand people — both members and nonmembers of St. Paul’s.

Purchasing a Burial Site

Currently, new burial reservations are available in Block 5, shown in light blue on the map. The block is organized into 144 lots, each with room for four burials.

An individual may purchase single burial sites, or a family may purchase a group of adjacent sites. Computerized records make selecting a burial site easy. You can visually select a location and quickly identify adjacent burials.


Visit the Cemetery

St. Paul’s cemetery is located at 605 12th St SE off E Bremer Ave. The cemetery is arranged into six blocks, numbered 0–5. Blocks are divided into lots with a range of one to six burial sites each.

If you need to locate a burial in the cemetery, contact the church office at life@stpaulswaverly.org or


A team of staff and volunteers are committed to maintaining the cemetery grounds and records. The grounds are well-kept and burial records are organized in a computer database.


Cemetery Gallery