Purchasing Fair Trade Products at St. Paul's

Fair trade products are available every Sunday in the Narthex. Prices are listed below.

Coffee Beans

  • French Roast Beans: $8
  • Breakfast Blend Beans: $7
  • Decaf Beans: $9

Ground Coffee

  • Breakfast Blend: $7
  • French Roast: $8
  • Decaf Ground: $9


  • Green Tea: $3.50
  • Mint Green Tea: $3.50
  • English Breakfast Blend Tea: $3.50
  • Decaf English Breakfast Tea: $3.50
  • Jasmine Green Tea: $3.50
  • Peppermint Tea (caffeine free): $3.50


  • Chocolate Bars: $2.75
  • Baking Cocoa: $6
  • Hot Cocoa: $6
  • Dark Hot Cocoa: $6


  • Dried Mango: $5.25
  • Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil (16 oz.): $15

The Lutheran World Relief Fair Trade Coffee Project


The Lutheran World Relief Fair Trade Coffee Project ensures that more of the money you spend on coffee reaches the farmers who actually grow it. Fair trade coffee is a simple solution that means the difference—quite literally—between surviving and not surviving for small-scale coffee farmers.

Improving Lives,
One Chocolate Bar at a Time

Cocoa is big business. Americans consume more than $14 billion worth of chocolate every year, and at least 40 million people rely on chocolate for their livelihood. Yet many cocoa farmers live in severe poverty.

Equal Exchange is different. It's owned by cocoa farmers in South America. They build wells, fund schools, and provide mobile medical clinics for their communities.