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Capital Campaign

St. Paul’s Lutheran Church & School is a vibrant, serving, celebrating ministry! Our roots reach deep − more than 150 years! − and are centered in God’s love. A vision for renewing ministry birthed over 10 years ago, and spurred on by the June floods of 2008, led us to a major renovation of our campus.

We are richly blessed and already experience the benefits of bringing our campus together under one roof. Together we have accomplished much and the momentum in our ministry is infectious! Building on Blessings is the next step in adding to the grace-filled legacy of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church & School.

Support Material

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Common Questions About Our Capital Campaign

The financial goal is to raise $1 million in realized gifts and pledges over a three-year period. Our leadership has also set a challenge goal of $1.3 million. Reaching beyond the $1 million goal will substantially reduce our indebtedness going forward. The challenge goal is bold, just like the gospel we proclaim! It is also an opportunity that our leadership is confident we will meet as we join together in this vital work.

Yes. Everyone has a gift to give and everyone will be asked to make a commitment for the three-year giving phase of this campaign. Together and with God’s blessing we can accomplish much more than we might imagine! Every gift matters!

All commitments will be received at worship on the weekend of May 4-5 – Commitment Weekend at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church & School.

How much you give can only be answered by you individually and as families.

In the weeks ahead, everyone will be invited into prayer for St. Paul’s Lutheran Church & School, the staff, our ministry and for this campaign. We will gather in groups to learn, share and encourage one another as we each prepare and plan our gift for this ministry campaign. We trust that the Holy Spirit will guide each of us in our gifting plans. Our goal of $1 million and more calls for the significant participation of everyone. We do not ask for equal gifts, but we do invite equal sacrifice by everyone participating in this campaign. During the campaign you will receive information on how best to plan your gift.

Yes. For the proper procedure, talk to your financial advisor. This is a good time to consider giving from accumulated assets as well as regular income. For example, you might transfer all or part of a paid-up insurance policy, give government bonds that have reached maturity or give from savings or an IRA account. For persons 70 ½ or older designating all or part of the required minimum distribution can be a creative way to provide a larger gift at this time. All gifts to this campaign are tax deductible, in accord with IRS regulations. What other results can we expect from the Building on Blessings campaign?

Leaders from St. Paul’s Lutheran Church & School are being assisted by the Mission Investment Fund of the ELCA.

If you have questions, please contact the church to speak with Pastor Arthur or our Campaign Co-Chairs, Ann Benschoter or Jean Buckingham.

Capital Campaign Leadership Team

Co-Chairs: Ann Benschoter and Jean Buckingham

Lynda Abkemeier, Jo Bagelman, Pr. Arthur Bergren, Dani Gordon, Denny Haugen, Barbara Meyer, Don Meyer, Krismar Ramker, Alan Simmer, and, Ron Zelle

Building on Blessings

Now is the time to make a difference that matters! Through our special effort called Building on Blessings, we will raise funds to: Make substantial payments on our mortgage principal to reduce our long-term debt; create an operating cash reserve to responsibly manage our annual finances; sustain our mortgage payments over the next three years.