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Capital Campaign

God is good and has watched over our congregation from its beginning, filling us with 150 years of blessings. Hasn’t it been great to celebrate? Now, as we think ahead to the next 150 years, we want to hand off our ministry, our facilities and our programs to the next generation in the best condition possible. For many reasons, we already have a great start on “paying it forward.”

Thanks to you and your generous support, along with the legacy gift from Wayne and Nancy Anderson, the Building on Blessings campaign was an incredible success. The mortgage on the church addition was paid off six years early, and we received over $290,000 in excess funding for that project. Those funds are in an interest-bearing account and have been reserved for capital improvements and maintenance.

These successes have allowed St. Paul’s to address our remaining major building needs with our 80-year-old Parish House and 60-year-old school building. Those needs include:

  • School ventilation, heating and cooling, which will improve the air quality, safety, and comfort level of the school.
  • Classroom modernization, which will provide renovations and classroom equipment for the school and enhance the learning environment for students and teachers.
  • Parish Hall floor, stage, sound and lighting, which will enhance the utilization of the Parish Hall for the school, congregation and community.

All of this is in response to the blessings God has bestowed on St. Paul’s congregation for 150 years. We look ahead with thankfulness and praise that we can, in good faith, pass the baton of mission and ministry to our children, and grandchildren, and all who come after us.

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Common Questions About Our Capital Campaign

The total cost of these projects is currently (as of Sept. 2022) estimated to be a little more than $2 million. Significant work on engineering and planning has occurred during the past 18 months to arrive at the current estimate.

The financial goal is to raise $750,000 in realized gifts and pledges over a three-year period. Our leadership has also set a challenge goal of $1 million. Reaching beyond the $750,000 goal will allow the modernization of the facilities to occur more rapidly as it is the goal of leadership to not borrow funds to complete these projects.

The challenge goal is bold, just like the gospel we proclaim! It is also an opportunity that our leadership is confident we will meet as we join together in this vital work.

The Church Council has designated the portions of the Hilda Fedeler Estate and the Lorena Arns Estates, as well as the remaining Building on Blessings funds and Payroll Protection funds be used as lead gifts for these projects. These funds currently total just over $1 million. As a result, a Pay It Forward campaign that raises $1 million would project to meet the costs of the $2 million project. With these gifts, the council, with congregational approval, will begin letting contract bids for the project in December of 2022 with first phases being completed during the summer of 2023.

Yes. Everyone has a gift to give and everyone will be asked to make a commitment for the three-year giving phase of this campaign. Every gift matters!

All commitments will be received throughout the campaign, which will run from Sunday, Oct. 9 to Thursday, Nov. 24.

How much you give can only be answered by you individually and as families.

In the weeks ahead, everyone will be invited into prayer for St. Paul’s Lutheran Church & School, the staff, our ministry and for this campaign. We will gather in groups to learn, share and encourage one another as we prepare and plan our gift for this ministry campaign. We trust that the Holy Spirt will guide each of us in our gifting plans. Our goal of $750,000 and more calls for the significant participation of everyone. We do not ask for equal gifts, but we do invite equal sacrifice by everyone participating in this campaign.

Yes. For the proper procedure, talk with your financial advisor. This is a good time to consider giving from accumulated assents, gifts of grain, as well as regular income. For example, you might transfer all or part of a paid-up insurance policy, give government bonds that have reached maturity or give from savings or and IRA account. For persons 70½ or older designating all or part of required minimum distributions can be a creative way to provide a larger gift at this time. All gifts to this campaign are tax deductible, in accord with IRS regulations.