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Faith Forever Endowment Fund

The fund was established in 1972 as part of St. Paul’s centennial celebration. The church family gave thanks for the past and looked ahead to the future for its school, a remarkable place of quality education in a Christ-centered environment.

The fund distributes income to support the ministry of the school and its far-reaching impact on lives and communities. The fund has also evolved so donors can designate other ministries of the church.

Designate your gift to any of these five ministries

Gifts not designated for a specific area of ministry are directed to support the school.

Common Questions About Our Endowment

The Endowment Committee is responsible for the prudent investment and management of the fund. The committee consists of St. Paul’s members, appointed by the Church Council. The head of staff pastor and the director of administration serve as advisory members of the committee.

At the annual meeting of the congregation, the committee presents an account of donations, income, and distributions. That account is part of the church’s annual report and is available to all members.

St. Paul’s has received gifts ranging from a few hundred dollars to over $1.4 million. It isn’t the size of the gift, but the thought behind it. We welcome any gift that is given thoughtfully and supports the stewardship goals of the donor.

Gifts of cash or property can be received from current income or assets, as a bequest from an estate, or by using a beneficiary designation from an insurance policy or a retirement fund. Other opportunities include:

  • Bequests — giving your assets through your will
  • Property transfers (such as cash, stocks, bonds, and real estate)
  • Charitable gift annuities
  • Memorial gifts
  • Assignment of life insurance benefits
  • Assignment of certificates of deposit
  • Beneficiary changes
  • Charitable remainder trust

Gifts should be designated for St. Paul’s Faith Forever Endowment Fund, and as stated below, can be directed to support any of five ministry areas.

Make arrangements to speak to any member of the Endowment Committee or Pr. Mark Anderson, interim lead pastor. Confidentiality is always respected. Special expertise may be available from your attorney, insurance agent, or financial adviser.

Endowment Committee Members

Chair: Jack Dahlby

Sharon Abram, Renae Bockholt, Vern Byl, Dennis Haugen, Derek Solheim

St. Paul's Endowment Fund

"The Endowment provides a unique opportunity for the giver to give a gift that will continue forever to prove benefits for our ministry." - Jack Dahlby