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Tuition Assistance

STO stands for “School Tuition Organization.” The STO serving the Archdiocese of Dubuque is “Our Faith, Our Children, Our Future” School Tuition Organization. The tuition assistance grants from this program are funded through an Iowa tax credit program. We strongly encourage interested parents to complete an application. The Our Faith, Our Children, Our Future STO, coupled with our local tuition assistance program, makes Christian education affordable for all.


STO grants are available for K-6 students who reside in Iowa and whose household’s taxable income is at or below 300 percent of the federal poverty rate. STO grants are not available for preschool students.


During 2017-18 a total of $5,350,737 was distributed to 3,020 students by STO. Of the 31 percent of students in STO receiving a grant, the average award was $1,771. Last year qualifying families received between $300 to 90 percent of their tuition depending upon verified need. No one receives a 100 percent award.  Awards vary from year-to-year depending upon overall verified need of the applicant pool.

Apply Today

Only one application needs to be completed per household. Parents can start an application utilizing the name/zip code of one school. Additional children and the names of their schools can be added to that single application. Create an account and apply here.